In Country FCDO Accreditation

Personnel are reminded that post their arrival, they must be accredited by their local FCDO Protocol Office. The exact process for this will depend on your personal circumstances and visa status. Your predecessor will advise on local procedures for access to accreditation (as these differ from location to location). For those who are employed within the Washington DC area, Line Managers must request an accreditation appointment by emailing and be aware; the appointments MUST be pre-booked, as a lot of work needs to be completed prior to being accredited, and walk in customers cannot be supported.

 Miscellaneous Foreign Government Offices (MFGO)

An MFGO is an office that has been registered with the US State Department to be recognised as an office that performs non-commercial and inherently sovereign functions. These offices are not governed by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations or the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. They must, nevertheless be notified to and accepted by the Department of State.
Not all offices are registered as the US State Department reserves the right to limit the amount of offices registered with foreign governments. The list below describes the offices currently registered with the State Department and holding MFGO status.
Any civilian posted to the US in a non-registered office will not have the opportunity to apply for an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD) to allow their spouse to work in the US, neither can their visa be renewed in the overseas area. Visa renewal must be organised via DTMO in Main Building, London and travel to the UK is required.
Civilians employed in a registered office will be notified to the State Department on arrival to the US (please consult with the In-Country Support officer) and will receive a Personal Identification (PID) number upon registration. The PID number provides the authority to apply for the Employment Authorisation Document and in-country visa.
United Kingdom
Redstone Arsenal
AL 35898
British Defence Staff/Defence Mapping Agency
Sunset Hills Road
VA 22091
Military Sealift Command
Washington Navy Yard
DC 20398
British Defence Staff
6520 Test Wing/GENV
Edwards AFB
CA 93523
Trident Refit Facility
900 USS Thomas Jefferson Drive
Kings Bay
GA 31547
British Defence Staff
Dulles International
DC 20008
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
7500 GEOINT Drive
VA 22150
Joint Strike Fighter Project Office (JSF)
200 S 12th Street, Suite 600
VA 22202
Director Strategic Systems Programs (SPRN)
1250 10th Street SE, Suite 3700
Washington Navy Yard
DC 20374
7857 Blandy Road
VA 23551
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