Passport Applications

All Civilian Personnel and their dependents must adhere to the following procedure when wishing to apply for:

  • a first British passport.
  • a replacement for a passport that is lost or stolen.
  • an extension of a passport.
  • any changes to an existing passport.

Application Form

A passport application form must be obtained from USA SpGp at the British Embassy in Washington D.C. – these are the only application forms which will be accepted by the passport office for civilian personnel serving overseas and their dependents. Please DO NOT use the passport application process as advertised on the website. This is a costlier process and you are not entitled to reclaim the entirety of the additional cost.

An application form will then be sent in the post to you along with a copy of the instructions and guidance notes required to complete the form. Please read the guidance notes thoroughly and contact the Support Group if you are unsure. 

Once completed with the required countersignatures  return it to the Support Group at the British Embassy for a final check. You are NOT to dispatch the application yourself.

New passports are normally received at the British Embassy Washington within 4-6 weeks but no there is no guarantee that this will be the case.


Passports must be paid for by the individual in the first instance and then a claim submitted to recoup the fee. Both initial passport fees and renewals can be claimed via CPC using Form 100. Current fees are listed below. No courier fees are required.


Visas will not be transferred to a new passport. Both the old and new passport will be returned, and the individual will have to carry both passports when travelling to or from the USA for the duration of the visa.


Passport Type


Adult (16 and over) standard 32-page passport


Child (under 16) passport


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