Finding a Provider – Aetna Choice POS II

You are required to use medical providers within the Aetna Choice POS II network for all non-emergency care. If you do not, the costs may fall to you personally. This includes Primary Care Physicians, specialists, surgeons, hospitals and diagnostic centres.

  • When seeing an individual, such as a doctor, you should make sure that the individual is in network.
  • If you need to visit a diagnostic centre or hospital (for non-emergency care) where you will not be seeing a specific person, you should ensure that the facility is in network. 

How to find a provider:

You can locate an in-network provider near you or verify a provider’s status by:

  1. Calling (+1) 800-343-3140; or
  2. Using the search facility on this website LINK (type in the type of provider you require or the name of a provider if you have one and your zip code, and select ‘Aetna Choice POS II (Open Access)’ as the plan type in the drop-down menu when the pop-up box appears).

Please note: 

  • If a provider tells you that they are in network but they are incorrect, you will be liable for the costs of your treatment, therefore you must always verify network status using the phone number or website above (not by asking the provider directly). 
  • Providers can join and leave networks at any time. If you have used a particular provider in the past, there is a chance that they may no longer be in-network. You must therefore confirm that your provider is still in-network each time you make an appointment.
  • If the doctor that you requested is unavailable when you go to your appointment, you must not agree to see another doctor at the practice unless you are certain that they are also in the Aetna Choice POS II network.
Last Updated: May 31, 2022 @ 9:47 am

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