Emergency Care

Click on this LINK to download a copy of the BDSUS Guide to Emergency Medical Care in the US.

In the case of a medical emergency, dial 911 for an ambulance, or if you are able, proceed to your closest Emergency Room (ER). 

You do not need to seek prior authorisation to use the ER. All treatment received at the ER will be funded in full.

You can visit any ER. The ER does not have to be in the Aetna Choice POS II network. When you arrive at the ER, present your Meritain Health ID card. All bills will be paid directly to the provider by Meritain Health. 

Not all hospitals have 24-hour ER’s. Once you are settled in your new home, you should research where your closest ER is located, so that you know where to go in case of an emergency.  

Please note that any follow up care is not automatically authorised. You must contact the Healthcare and Education Department in order to receive approval for any aftercare and this must be received from a provider that is in the Aetna Choice POS II network. 

Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Centers are small walk-in clinics that treat patients who have an injury or illness that requires immediate care but is not serious enough to warrant a visit to an emergency department. They provide care on an unscheduled, walk-in basis (with opening hours commonly extending to evenings and weekends). 

They include Convenient Care Clinics based in retail stores, including CVS’ ‘Minute Clinic’, Walgreen’s ‘Take Care Clinic’ and Target’s ‘Target Clinic’. They also include ‘Doc in a Box’, ‘Nurse in a Box’, ‘Express Care’ and ‘Patient First’ Centres.

You are only covered for visits to Urgent Care Centers that are in the Aetna Choice POS II network. Click here for information on locating an in-network provider.

If there is no in-network Urgent Care Center near you, you should use your closest Emergency Room (ER).

Please also note that some Urgent Care Centers are attached to hospitals. If you are seeking emergency care you must ensure that the urgent care department is in-network, or use the ER. 

Last Updated: Dec 3, 2021 @ 11:46 am

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