What Year Will My Child Be In?

The numbering/naming of US and UK school years can often be confusing to personnel moving between the two countries, as they are numbered differently. However, please note that this does not mean that US schools are a year behind English and Welsh schools or two years behind Scottish and Northern Irish schools in terms of the curriculum taught.  

If you feel that the year your child has been placed into is inappropriate in terms of the curriculum taught, you will have to liaise with their school concerning your options. If the school has a ‘gifted and talented’ program, you may be able to request participation in the scheme for your child. You may also be able to request testing for your child in English and maths, to see whether it would be suitable for them to jump to the next grade. However, please be aware that schools are often reluctant to move younger children into higher grades due to the varying levels of social development.

AgeEngland and WalesUSAScotlandNI
 State schoolCurriculumYearGradeSchoolYearYear
3-4NurseryFoundation stageNurseryNursery   
4-5Infant schoolFoundation stageReceptionPre-Kindergarten P11
5-6Infant schoolKey stage 11Kindergarten P22
6-7Infant schoolKey stage 121Elementary schoolP33
7-8Junior schoolKey stage 232Elementary schoolP44
8-9Junior schoolKey stage 243Elementary schoolP55
9-10Junior schoolKey stage 254Elementary schoolP66
10-11Junior schoolKey stage 265Elementary schoolP77
11-12Secondary schoolKey stage 376Middle schoolS18
12-13Secondary schoolKey stage 387Middle schoolS29
13-14Secondary schoolKey stage 398Middle schoolS310
14-15Secondary school

Key stage 4 (GCSEs)


High school (Freshman year)

15-16Secondary school

Key stage 4 (GCSEs)


High school (Sophomore year)


Sixth form or further education college

Key stage 5 (A/AS levels or BTEC)

12 (lower sixth)


High school (Junior year)


Sixth form or further education college

Key stage 5 (A/AS levels or BTEC)

13 (upper sixth)


High school (Senior year)

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