The Overseas Nursery Authority (ONA) is administered by Armed Forces Families and Safeguarding (AFFS) in the UK.

ONA begins at the start of the term after your child turns three. The term dates are based on UK terms – September 1, January 1 and April 1. Your child must turn 3 before, not on, the first day of the term. You can claim the cost of 15 hours of nursery education per week for a total of 38 weeks. 

From 01-September 2017, in line with the UK, there will be an additional 15 hours available to families where both parents are working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family) a minimum of 16 hours each per week.

Once the 38 week maximum has been reached all nursery costs are a personal expense.

If you claim for a week, it is counted against your 38 week total regardless of whether your child attended the week in full or not. For example, if you pay a flat monthly fee and your child does not attend for a week but you claim for it, it is counted against your 38 week total. If your school is officially closed at any point during the school year and you wish to receive credit for that week you will need to submit the school calendar with your claim. 

You can use the 15/30 hours in any manner you wish, either spread out evenly over the week or condensed into a few days. If you want your child to attend more hours than the allotted 15/30, you are free to do so at personal expense. However, if the minimum provision provided by the nursery exceeds 15/30 hours per week, you must provide evidence of the minimum provision at the setting and that there is no viable alternative.

ONA rates are not capped; applicants will receive payment for the full cost of nursery fees falling within the 15/30 hours per week, 38 weeks per year entitlement. However, AFFS reserves the right to choose not to support a nursery on the basis of cost where there is another appropriate nursery available.

Please note that AFFS remain the policy holders for ONA payments, therefore you should direct any queries regarding the authorisation of nursery fees or policy queries direct to AFFS in the UK. The CPC in Washington, DC is only responsible for the payment of authorised claims. 

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +441264 886288

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All applications for funding must be sent directly to AFFS.

In order to join the ONA, you will need to complete ‘Annex A to 2021DIN01-070 Application Form for Overseas Nursery Authority‘ or ‘Annex B to 2021DIN01-070 Overseas Nursery Authority Application for Extra Hours‘ (one per child) before enrolling your child in a nursery school.

The form should be sent to:​

Army HQ
BLB Finance Team Army Resources
IDL 29, Blenheim Bldg
Marlborough Lines
Monxton Road
Andover Hants SP11 8HT

Upon receipt of the application form, checks will be made to determine the validity of the request to join the scheme. You will then be issued a letter of authorisation to claim nursery fees, which will contain a unique authority number and details of your entitlement.

If you wish to have your claim paid directly into your US bank account, you must complete ‘Annex C to 2021DIN07-070– Claim for Reimbursement of Fees in Nursery Overseas‘ (one per child). You must attach the authorisation letter from SCE and your original invoice/receipt of payment from the nursery to the Annex C form and email all three documents to the CPC at [email protected]

All claims must be submitted monthly.

Please ensure that forms are completed electronically (typed).

If you are currently claiming 30 hours free childcare overseas and are due to return to England in the near future, you should visit the Childcare Choices website ( to register and apply for a 30 hours childcare code.

Parents experiencing any issues with obtaining a code should contact the HMRC helpline on 0300 123 4097. In some cases, parents are unable to sign-up online and if eligible, HMRC will be able to issue a manual code.

Point of contact
Name: SO2 Communications; Lucy Langford
Telephone: 94344 5566
Email: [email protected]

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