Priority Movers

Priority Mover status is a mechanism for assisting employees who need to find an alternative post, either for personal, compassionate or business reasons.   An employee will remain a Priority Mover until an alternative post can be found or until circumstances otherwise change.
Employees returning from overseas are eligible to be granted Priority Mover status 6 months prior to their return date. The Line Manager is responsible for notifying the employee of their status as a Priority Mover and when the status has been confirmed, the employee will receive a letter from the line management chain informing them of the change. The letter should confirm that the employee’s MyHR record will be updated to reflect their Priority Movers status by DBS Civilian HR and that the employee will be given priority for all substantive MOD posts which they apply for. A copy of the letter should be sent to who will confirm their Priority Mover status.
As a Priority Mover, an employee must look at the posts that are advertised and apply for any that match their stated preferences (including locations), for which they have the skills/competences, or for which they could acquire the skills through training. This could include posts outside their current function. If an employee is invited to interview they are expected to attend and if offered the post, are expected to accept it. It is the employee’s responsibility, with help and support from their line manager, to be proactive in searching for suitable posts. The employee will remain a Priority Mover until they secure an alternative post or circumstances otherwise change.
The employee will need to:
  • Meet with their line manager and discuss and record any objectives and work plans whilst searching for a new posting.
  • Ensure that they are making every effort to find a alternative posting. They must apply for any MOD posts that meet their preferences and for which they have or could develop the skills; a local record of applications must be kept by the employee and their line manager. It is expected that an employee will accept any suitable post they are offered.
  • Attend appropriate training and development opportunities. The employee must review their training and development needs with their line manager, to ensure skills are continuously improved, whether these are related to their core or functional competences. Individuals may wish to consider training that can be delivered through e-learning via Civil Service Learning (CSL) or Defence Academy. 
Priority Movers will be expected to accept posts they are offered through the CS Jobs process or through Post Rotation unless there are reasonable grounds to refuse. These must be discussed and agreed with the line manager. If an employee is offered a post that matches their preferences they are expected to take it. Refusal to do so may result in disciplinary action. While an employee remains a Priority Mover they must:
  • Search job opportunity sites regularly, at least once a week.
  • Consider all available suitable job opportunities that meet their preferences.
  • Apply for all substantive MOD job opportunities that meet their preferences and for which they have or could develop the essential skills.
  • Provide written justification to their line manager if there are strong reasons for non-application for a post.

For more information, see the Overseas Civilian Transfers policy document.

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2023 @ 2:56 pm

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