Departure Packs

The responsibility for issuing departure packs falls with the DBS Overseas Posting Cell (formally PPPA). The pack is issued approximately 1 month prior to your projected tourex date, or on receipt of your posting notice. The pack includes information regarding return flight information, removal of unaccompanied baggage and various policy guidance and forms which will be useful. DBS provide the majority of guidance relating to UKBC departures. Some of the forms issued by DBS are:
  • HR Form 1936a – Restart salary in the UK (must be annotated with “all salary to the UK”)
  • HR Form 049 – Claim for moving expenses (e.g. baggage insurance/storage etc)
  • HR Form 059 – T&S claims (e.g. hotels/hire car/subsistence)
  • HR Form 060 – Claim for Overseas Transfer Grant (50%)
  • HR Form 062 – Advance of Salary – you can request up to 2 months on return from overseas
  • HR Form 1901 – Stop COLA
  • HR Form 1932 – Stop monthly allotment

Hotel Entitlement

You are entitled to up to 6 night’s hotel accommodation prior to departure if necessary, a decision will be made by BEET on the number of nights that will be required. This entitlement allows staff to make arrangements for march out/house cleaning/unaccompanied baggage collection etc. Hotel accommodation is booked via HRG on the below link:
Please note that individuals with families will be unable to book hotel accommodation using the online booking tool. In this instance you will be required to ring HRG direct on +44 (0)207 949 4812.
You will receive an additional entitlement of up to 7 night’s hotel accommodation on return to the UK, which can be extended to up to 30 nights if DBS consider this to be merited. You must discuss this with the DBS Relocation case advisor.

Hire car entitlement

You will also be entitled to 2 weeks car hire on departure even if you are not shipping a car home (you must provide, if required, evidence that a vehicle was purchased within 8 weeks of your return to the UK, exceptionally agreed by DCP). Your entitlement can either be used entirely in the US, entirely in the UK or split between the two. Car hire is undertaken privately and you are eligible to reclaim within the cost of a suitable vehicle based on the size of your family e.g. 1-2 would be a Nissan Versa or similar, 3 a Chrysler 200 or similar and 4 a Dodge Charger or similar. You will be responsible for any fuel costs.


Departure costs can either be claimed in the UK (HRMS, this will be paid in pound stirling to your UK account) or in the US (CPC, this will be paid in US Dollars to your US bank account). The BDSUS online claims facility on will remain open for 30 days following your departure – after this you will need to submit the BDS Form 100 for US claims (paid in US Dollars to your US bank account). If you wish to claim an advance this must be done via HRMS (and cleared via HRMS).

Unaccompanied baggage

Your baggage entitlement applied on your overseas posting also applies to your homeward journey to the UK, to in-country transfers and on posting to another overseas area. This is arranged through Agility Logistics following completion of the return from overseas questionnaire, which is provided by the DBS Relocation Cell and allows DBS to give authority to start arranging the collection of your personal effects. Please note that your DBS Relocation Case Advisor acts as the Unit Delegation Officer when the request is ready to be authorised.

Car shipment

If you acquire a vehicle abroad it may be returned to the UK at public expense subject to gaining authority and provided you possessed the vehicle at a date 6 months or more before the end of the tour; when the latter requirement is not met you must have continuously owned a vehicle during the tour abroad in order to qualify for homeward transportation of the vehicle.
If you sell a vehicle abroad which attracted the outward transportation entitlement and purchase another vehicle at the station abroad, the replacement vehicle may be returned to the UK at public expense subject to the provision and provided you have been a continuous vehicle owner.
Again, the car shipment is arranged via your DBS Relocation officer and Agility Logistics. You must ensure that the vehicle you are shipping meets the EU Single Vehicle Approval Scheme and that you are in possession of a Certificate of Conformity where this is appropriate.


If you have served overseas for at least 12 months you are entitled to 1 week’s special paid leave immediately on return. If you have served for less than a year you can only be granted this leave if you have been transferred to a new location resulting in a move of home at public expense. This is additional to any leave allowed under a preliminary visit. 
If you have returned on retirement/resignation, resettlement leave is not allowed. 

BDS departure form

You must complete BDS Form 109 to confirm your final rent payment if you are outside DC, and you will also be required to provide your UK contact details should we need to contact you following your departure. Please note for DC based staff who have been allocated a property, you must have departed permanent accommodation prior to your march-out.
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