Annual leave 

While overseas you retain your standard annual leave entitlement and the normal rules that govern annual leave still apply. However, the exception to this is that you can accumulate up to 30 days annual leave during your overseas tour of duty which can either be taken in the overseas area or on your return to the UK with the agreement of your Line Manager. Accumulated leave cannot be used to shorten your tour of duty. The following restrictions apply to accumulated leave:
  • If you undertake a consecutive tour at the same location any accumulated leave from the previous tour not taken within 6 months of the start of the new tour of duty will be lost.
  • If you take leave after completion of your of duty overseas, allowances such as COLA do not continue in payment while you are on leave.
  • If you arrive in UK during the first 6 months of the leave year, accumulated leave, together with your leave allowance for the current year is your total allowance and must be taken within that leave year, but up to the usual 10 days may be carried over to the following leave year.
  • If you arrive back in UK during the last 6 months of the leave year you can carry across the whole balance to the following leave year, but you will only be allowed to carry over up to 10 days into the leave year following this.
  • You can usually take accumulated leave while travelling back to the UK, or once in the UK prior to taking up your new post, but this will be with the agreement of your new Line Manager and the needs of the MOD. 

Effect on COLA/LOA ​​​​

If you are married to another UKBC or to a member of the Armed Forces, there will still be an entitlement to occupy a married quarter. However, the rate of COLA/LOA in issue to the spouse would be adjusted to reflect the change in circumstances. The accommodation provided would also have to be reviewed to take into account any change in the head of household status.
If you or a family member are absent from the US for a period over 30 days COLA must be adjusted from day 31 of the absence from the overseas location and recommence on the date of arrival back in the overseas area. You are required to inform DBS Civilian Personnel where the absence will exceed 30 days. COLA will continue in payment if your absence is as a result of detached duty and the period of detached duty extends beyond 30 days but dependent members of your family remain in the overseas area throughout this time. 

​​Special Leave prior to departure overseas 

You are entitled to 3 days special leave prior to your departure overseas to deal with last minute arrangements. 

​​​​​​Resettlement Leave on return to UK

If you have served overseas for at least 12 months you are entitled to 1 week’s special paid leave immediately on return. If you have served for less than a year you can only be granted this leave if you have been transferred to a new location resulting in a move of home at public expense. This is additional to any leave allowed under a preliminary visit under the UK transfer rules.
If you have returned on retirement/resignation leave is not allowed. 
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