​​Compassi​​onate Travel

The individual/and their spouse or partner is entitled to compassionate travel in accordance with the guidance held in the Provisions for Compassionate Travel.
Compassionate travel is categorised by the degree of urgency.

Category A 

This is used in cases of very serious life threatening illness (i.e. where death may occur within 48 hours) and under such circumstances travel would be arranged by the fastest possible means.

Category B

This is used normally when death has occurred and there is a less urgent requirement for travel. Travel under this category, if available, will be by RAF Trooper/MOD Charter flights, unless such flights do not operate to and from your overseas area, then commercial flights at economy class should be used.
If the emergency occurs out of hours please contact the Duty Officer on 202 288 6083
You must contact the In-Country Support officer (202 588 6693 or BDSUS-SpGp-ICS-CIV@mod.uk) who will book compassionate travel via Defence Supply Chain Operations and Movements (DSCOM – Tel: 01264 385510) following completion of a proforma detailing the following information:
  • The name and address of the sick or deceased relative and their relationship to you or your spouse. 
  • The gravity of the illness and the expectation of life, if appropriate. 
  • The name, address and telephone number of the doctor attending the case, or, if appropriate, the address and telephone number of the hospital in which the patient is receiving or received treatment. 
  • Details of other relatives available.

The British Embassy may contact the Employee Wellbeing Service for assistance in confirming the information about your relative before making your travel arrangements through the DSCOM.

In all cases, the cost of compassionate travel is borne by the employee’s organisation.

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