Visa Changes and Renewals

Visa Changes

The FCDO Protocol Office in the British Embassy, Washington DC is the MOD PoC for information on options and processing changes of immigration status i.e. changing from one type of visa to another.

The FCDO Protocol Office can be contacted via the BDSUS EAD and Passports Clerk:

All personnel should be aware that aspects of their administration i.e. car registration and title, will be linked to their visa. Personnel will have to pay special attention to these aspects of their administration i.e. buying and selling cars, when planning a change of visa and any likely change of location within the US.


Visa Renewals

NATO-2 or A-2 Visa Holder

If your visa expires during your assignment in the US, it can be renewed via the Embassy. You should forward the following to the BDSUS Support Group: 

  • Passport and Passport with Current Visa (if different)
  • A completed Form 1648 (it must be the page with the bar code) which can be accessed via  The Personal Identification Information Section of the form asks for a PID, if you do not have one, input 0000-0000.
  • A Command Verification Letter from your current or new posting.  This letter should be signed by a US citizen of a higher rank than you (click here for example letter)
  • A copy of the I-94
  • A copy of your new assignment order
  • Supplementary Information – Visa 

For spouses and children only, please follow the same process as above and also include a copy of the principal’s passport, visa and I-94.

When should I renew my NATO-2 or A-2 VISA?

You should apply for a renewed VISA no more than six weeks before your current US VISA expires. Contact the team advising the team of your requirements and requesting the current notes for guidance. The guidance notes will list all the specific supporting documents required.

Exceptionally – If you are posted from an existing US location to a new US posting location, you should apply for a replacement US VISA for yourself and family only after arrival at your new location. This will produce a US VISA with your new location annotated to the document.

VISA renewal applications are usually achieved within 10 days of the completed application arriving at the embassy. It is strongly recommended that any movement of Passports and supporting documents be conducted using a postal delivery service that offers tracking and signature on delivery. All such deliveries will be signed for by an accredited Post Room staff member. 

Special considerations

In all cases of US VISA renewal requests for child dependants aged up to 21 and between 21 and 23 have specific requirements relating to proof of educational status. This status may have implications on both US VISA entitlement and on-going Medical and Dental cover and you must ask the BDSUS Passport team for additional guidance when applying to renew for a family member falling under this age category. 

The JSP 752 Definition of a Dependent Child (extract of 02.0109)

  • A child is 18 years of age or under.
  • A son or daughter is 24 years or under, unmarried or not in a civil partnership and in receipt of full-time education at a school, college or university (studying for a first degree only) or is out of full-time education for up to one year between secondary education and further education.
  • The age limit does not apply to a son or daughter who is physically or mentally incapable of contributing to their own support. Your paperwork will be passed on to the FCO Protocol Section for action.


Applicants are required to provide two 2” x 2” photographstaken within the last 30 days and should NOT have been used previously for a passport or VISA.

There should not be any shadows or hair covering the face.

Do not date the photographs; this will be done by Embassy staff once the application has been processed. Both photographs are to contain the name of the applicant and “British Embassy” in pencil on the back side.

Your photo is a vital part of your VISA application, do not reuse old visa, passport or EAD photos.

The standard and guidance for the photos may be found at the US Department of State website. (Google US Passport Photographs).

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