JCCC & Compassionate Travel

Compassionate Travel

The authority for granting of compassionate travel at public expense from overseas rests with the JCCC. Any case must relate to an In-Scope relative who requires the presence of the Service Person (SP), and/or their spouse/partner to resolve an unforeseen and unplanned domestic emergency. This does not include pre-planned admissions into hospital or elective surgery or advance notice events such as pregnancy, unless there are unexpected and urgent complications. Once these criteria are met, the JCCC will investigate the case to determine whether the circumstances warrant authorisation of compassionate travel at public expense. Exceptionally, COs may grant authority for Compassionate travel from overseas if the case meets certain criteria.

  • JCCC Contact Number – +44 (0) 1452 519951
  • BDSUS Duty Officer – +1 202 288 6083

Assessment, Entitlement and Categorisation

JCCC will investigate and assess the validity of each case and place in one of the following categories, based on the level of urgency and potential distress, or designate the case as Out of Scope:

a. Category A (Cat A). An extremely compassionate case justifying travel at public expense immediately.

b. Category B (Cat B). A compassionate case for justifying travel at public expense to reach the intended destination by a specified date or at the next available opportunity.

c. Category C (Cat C). A case where there is no entitlement to travel at public expense, but COs may at their discretion authorise a period of annual or compassionate leave to enable the SP to visit the UK at their own expense.

d. Uncategorised and Out of Scope Cases. Compassionate cases that have been investigated and which do not meet the criteria for categorisation for compassionate travel at public expense will be determined as uncategorised (Uncat) or out of scope and details passed to units/establishments for Unit action as required.

e. Refusal. Should a SP or other family member refuse to take up an authorised offer of Category A or B travel, JCCC is to be informed in writing by the despatching unit. 

In-Scope Relatives

Compassionate leave travel for entitled SP will only be granted for certain members of the SP’s family; these are known as In-Scope relatives and are:

a. parents, including step-parents and parents-in-law.

b. spouses / civil partners (including former relationships if their condition affects the welfare of any children from that relationship).

c. children, including step-children of current marriage or civil partnership.

d. children outside marriage providing they are the child of the SP (not children by another relationship) and where the SP provides permanent financial support, or the permanence of the relationship can be supported by the CO of the SP’s unit.

e. siblings / step-siblings and in-laws.

f. legal guardians, grandparents or others who have acted in loco parentis, where this can be shown to have been in effect for a significant period of time.

In-Scope Relatives Domiciled Overseas

Overseas compassionate leave travel is based on returning the SP or their spouse/civil partner from their overseas duty station back to the UK or the SP’s country of nationality only.


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