Birth Registration

The following process outlines the guidance given by the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) regarding registering the birth of Service children in the USA and the subsequent application for a UK Passport:

  1. Apply for your child’s US State Birth Certificate to include named parents.
  2. Apply for your child’s US Passport.
  3. Once US Birth Certificate and US Passport are received, contact BDSUS J1 at the British Embassy in Washington DC (, for further advice regarding the documentation required to affect a Service Registration (see below). Providing that the Birth has not already been registered with the FCDO, the following actions must be completed in order to affect a Service Registration:

    Update JPA Records to reflect the birth of your child – engage with your Unit HR or BDSUS J1 Team for further guidance. In addition, check to ensure that JPA is current with regards to NoK details, addresses of spouse and dependants etc.

    Complete O.R.S.1 (available from BDSUS J1 at the British Embassy in Washington DC, or see link here) and complete using the instructions included within the form and completed example here. Ensure that the date of birth is entered in words i.e. Twentieth May 2021 and not 20 May 2021.

    Scan it with all other required documents and forward the original O.R.S.1 form to the Registering Officer at the address below.

    Provide a scanned copy of child’s American Birth Certificate.

    Provide a scanned copy of the Passport Information page in respect of both parents.

    Provide a scanned copy of the applicants’ marriage certificate.

  4. Once all the above actions are complete forward scanned/original docs to the JCCC as follows:


    Tel Mil: 95471 5558

    Civ: +44 1452 712612 Ext 5558

    Mail: The Registering Officer, Room G30,
    JCCC, Innsworth House,
    Imjin Barracks, Innsworth,
    Gloucester, GL3 1HW

  5. Request a British Passport Application Form from BDSUS J1 at the British Embassy in Washington DC ( – these are the only application forms which will be accepted by the passport office for Service Personnel serving overseas and their dependents. See here for further details.
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