Preparation and Arrival


An assignment to the USA is an exciting life experience but you will need to prepare thoroughly, and be ready for the unexpected. From the point you find out that an assignment to the US might be on the cards, through moving and then settling in, there are plenty of things you will need to do.  The advice below provides the essential details needed to prepare, and if you do nothing else, follow the Arrival Checklist and be sure to get your Arrival Brief as soon as possible before landing in the US.    

 Currently we have over 1000 service and United Kingdom Based Civilians (UKBC) personnel based in 90 locations in 30 states across 5 time zones. Including family members, the total is in excess of 2000 UK personnel. The nature of the United States federal system of government can mean each state has a very different approach to customs, laws, taxes and individual rights. 

Embassy Arrival Briefing

Detailed information on what will be covered during your Embassy Arrival Briefing.

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Military Arrival Procedures

Personnel assigned to the USA and parented through the Embassy should follow the checklist. If you are in doubt about…

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