School Children’s Visits

The aim of School Children’s Visits (SCVs) is to contribute towards the cost of reuniting children of SP with their parents at their duty station during some school holidays. It is a principal condition that there will be a parental contribution made towards all SCVs.

Children who qualify will be eligible to six return School Children’s Visits (SCVs) at public expense per academic year. Alternatively, the Service parent may choose to claim public expense travel for the eligible child(ren) for 12 single journeys, or any combinations of single or return journeys thereof.

Method of Application/Claim – Applications for SCV should be made by the Service person using the JPA on-line self-service system prior to the date of the journey. This process will provide the SCV journey number for travel application and deduct the parental contribution automatically from the Service person’s salary. It should be noted that the allocation of this number does not automatically initiate organisation of travel arrangements.

Administration and authorisation of SCV will be completed by Unit HR staff in accordance with JPA procedures. For those personnel with no access to the JPA on-line system, Unit HR staff can advise on the offline SCV process upon request.

BDSUS administered SP are required to complete the following BDS Form 704 – SCV Provisional Air Booking – School Children’s Visits (SCV)

For further information on School Children’s Visits (SCV), including definitions, eligibility criteria, travel methods, general conditions and entitlements, refer to JSP 752, Chapter 10, Section 2.

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Last Updated: Sep 29, 2022 @ 11:14 am

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