School Children’s Visits

​Children who qualify will be eligible to six return School Children’s Visits (SCVs) at public expense per academic year. Alternatively, the Service parent may choose to claim public expense travel for the eligible child(ren) for 12 single journeys, or any combinations of single or return journeys thereof. The number of SCV journeys per academic year for SP permanently assigned overseas is based on one publicly funded return journey for each term and each half term, less the appropriate parental contribution, for all eligible children who qualify. Whilst this is the basis for the entitlement there is no compulsion to use one journey (or two journeys in the case of those permanently assigned overseas) in each of the three terms.  

BDS Form 704​ -​ School Children’s Visits (Provisional Air Booking)

IAW JSP 752 para 10.0201, “the aim of SCVs is to contribute towards the cost of reuniting children of Service personnel with their parents at their duty station during some school holidays”, no other locations are to be requested.

Service persons are entitled to claim for LOA for their child during their stay at the Service person’s assigned overseas location. Eligible Service persons assigned to the USA should complete and send BDS Form 102 to USA SpGp​ HR staff. A link to BDS Form 102 is below:

BDS Form 102 – School Children’s Visits (Claim for LOA)

Service persons are also entitled to claim for Terminal Travel costs at MMA rates; this is applicable to both Terminal Travel locations. Claims for Terminal Travel should be administered via JPA self service or manually using JPA Form 016 and submitted via their Parent Unit HR staff.

The Policy for SCVs Unaccompanied Minors is detailed in JSP 752 and 800. Please see below clarification for the process in the USA:


  • All personnel should book their SCVs via the HR Specialists. Creech, Edwards and Beaufort will reach back to the UK. ​
  • Those booking through the BDSUS Travel Cell will need to submit their requests six weeks in advance of the date when the official journey is required.
  • Individuals that have access to JPA are to ensure that they log the travel on JPA. They should also complete Form 704 and send to SNCO J1 in the USA Sp Gp.
  • Those that don’t have access to JPA should complete SCV Flight Form 704 and send to the USA Sp Gp. 

Locations where no Airline Offers an Unaccompanied Minors (UNMIN) Service to/from/within the UK. Where there are no airlines offering an UNMIN service to/from an overseas location or to the closest airport within the UK, the Service person should, in the first instance, contact the MOD Families Section who will advise on alternative options for travel.  Where the MOD Families Section is satisfied that no UNMIN service is available from the closest airport the following will apply:

SP assigned overseas will be authorised to choose either the lowest cost of options (1) or (2); or opt for option (3):

  1. Reimbursement of the costs of return travel by the most economical means for a parent to accompany the child(ren) from/to an alternative airport offering an UNMIN service to/from the UK and/or for the cost for the child(ren) to use school arranged transport, to an alternative airport offering an UNMIN service to/from the UK; or
  2. A publicly funded return flight, and if flight timings preclude travel in one day, overnight subsistence, for one parent to travel and collect/return their child(ren) by the most economical route.
  3. Reverse SCV. This entitlement is for one parent only, for each of the six annual school holidays and is per family, rather than per eligible child.

The purpose of this guidance is to provide pertinent information regarding School Children’s Visit (SCV) entitlements for Service Persons and their dependents assigned to the USA. 

This guidance does not supersede policy contained within JSP 752 or related Defence Policy. See JSP 752 Chapter 10 Section 2 for details.  

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2021 @ 12:26 pm

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