The aim of a Privately Arranged Passage (PAP) is to provide assistance towards the travel costs incurred by SP and accompanying immediate family when they are required to make a duty journey on assignment but, for personal reasons, they choose to travel by other than the recognised flight route (this includes travel by alternative route, transport or a different class of travel).

Method of Claim

SP and/or immediate family members who wish to undertake a PAP are required to complete an ‘Authority and Entitlement Certificate’ (Annex A to Section 6 of Chapter 6 of JSP 752) for SP and Annex B for immediate family members), which is to be submitted to Unit HR at least 6 weeks in advance of the date when the official journey is required.

Unit HR admin staff are to submit a written request to the MSS Relocations Services Families Section for an estimate of the cost of the officially arranged tickets at nonflexible economy class rates. MSS Families Section will provide:

(1) Confirmation that seats on a RAF operated or MOD charter plane (or commercial aircraft on which MOD has block booked seats) are not available at any time within a week of the requested date of travel.

(2) A quote for the cost of non-flexible economy class tickets by standard commercial flights including the appropriate baggage allowance ‘entitlement’ iaw JSP 800 Part 2 Chap 6 Para 13.

Terminal Travel – Once HR admin staff have obtained the cost of the flights as described above, they should estimate the terminal travel costs (if any) at each end of the official journey, excluding any subsistence and accommodation entitlements that would be associated with the officially arranged passage. Terminal travel should be assessed at MMA.

Authorisation – The overall costs that may be claimed under PAP will be capped at the total sum of the flights quote plus the terminal travel quote. This is the sum that will be entered into the authorisation certificate.

Insurance – Personnel are regarded as being on duty for the duration of an official passage but are regarded as being on leave for the duration of a PAP journey. As such personnel are advised to take out adequate insurance to meet any cancellation, medical and hospital expenses that may arise during the PAP, as these will not be covered by MOD indemnity in countries other than the duty station.

Restrictions – PAP restrictions can be found within Chapter 6 Section 6 of JSP 752 and should be read ahead of submitting any application for PAP.

Queen Mary Policy – BDSUS Directed Letter – 01/18

Although the overarching regulations relating to PAP are contained in JSP 752 a local policy endorsed by Armed Forces Remuneration Allowances has been authorised to allow USA based individuals to claim the transportation costs as set out below for PAP on the Queen Mary.

Financial Limits – PAP must not be used to fund subsistence and must only be used to contribute towards the transportation costs of travel. PAP can be claimed for the Queen Mary (New York to Southampton) up to 32.65% of the ticket price or up to the value of the MSS Relocations Services Families Section flight quote, whichever of the two is lower.

For further information on Privately Arranged Passage, including eligibility criteria, restrictions, entitlement and application forms, refer to JSP 752, Chapter 6, Section 6.

Self Drive PAP:

On assignment to or from an LOA qualifying location, a self-drive claim is permitted for one eligible personal vehicle as recognised in OPVP policy. Hired or borrowed vehicles, vans, trailers or vehicles specifically used for the relocation of effects, are not eligible.

Self-Drive Restrictions:

  1. Claims are for one vehicle by the most reasonable direct and economical route. Deviations to this route for personal preference are not permissible and, if undertaken, are at personal cost to the SP.
  2. A SP is not entitled to claim for both OPVP and Self-drive.
  3. SP are to submit leave on JPA for the duration of the self-drive journey and thus are considered as off duty. Leave applications on JPA should also include contact information during the self-drive journey.
  4. The SP is to ensure they have adequate insurance for themselves, their spouse/civil partner and any dependent children (if applicable) to meet cancellations, breakdown, medical or hospital expenses that may arise during the journey. Such occurrences will not be covered by MoD indemnity until arrival at the duty station.
  5. The SP is responsible for visa and/or passport requirements for themselves and their spouse/civil partner and any dependent children for their journey, noting that regulations may vary in different countries.
  6. Additional costs relating to the transportation of pets are not admissible.
  7. Subsistence expense whilst travelling, including accommodation provision, is restricted to one night only and is to be in accordance with current subsistence regulations.
  8. Self-drive MMA claims as an alternative to OPVP are capped at the OPVP allowance rate published at the time of booking as detailed in Chapter 3. (As of May 23, this is £1025).

Method of Payment. All PAP refunds and self-drive claims are made via the JPA Claim system and will be paid direct to the Service person’s nominated bank account. Full details of the estimated costs for the official journey and receipts for the actual costs must be retained by the Service person for a minimum of 24 months for audit purposes.

All details on self drive PAP can be found in JSP 752 06.0614.


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