​The aim of a Privately Arranged Passage (PAP) is to provide assistance towards the travel costs incurred by Service personnel and accompanying immediate family when they are required to make a duty journey on assignment but, for personal reasons, they choose to travel by other than the recognised flight route (this includes travel by alternative route, transport or a different class of travel).  


​Personnel are regarded as being on duty for the duration of an official passage, but are regarded as being on leave for the duration of a PAP journey. As such personnel are advised to take out adequate insurance to meet any cancellation, medical and hospital expenses that may arise during the PAP, as these will not be covered by MOD indemnity in countries other than the duty station.


PAP refunds are capped at the costs of the official mode of travel (including terminal travel at either end) at non-flexible economy class rates only, by the most direct route between the two duty stations, per eligible member of immediate family.

  1. Accommodation and subsistence expenses may not form any part of any PAP claim. All such expenses are the personal liability of the SP. Expenses such as ferries and tolls may form part of the claim, but parking fees may not.
  2. Where a journey is split into two or more stages, part PAP may be granted for any individual stage i.e. if two consecutive flights are required, the SP may request a part PAP in lieu of the first flight, and then take the official flight for the second stage journey.
  3. PAP journeys by private motor vehicle will be refunded at the MMA rate plus passenger rates.  
  4. PAP will be limited to a refund of expenses incurred by one private motor vehicle only.  

How To Claim

Eligible personnel are to complete the PAP Quotation Form. Following a response from the UK please complete Annex A and/or Annex B to JSP 752, Chapter 6, Section 6. This is done at least six weeks before the travel. Please send all completed forms to USA SpGp. 

Unit HR, using the Travel Cell, will calculate how much a flight would cost. Once HR admin staff have obtained the cost of the flights they should estimate the terminal travel costs (if any) at each end of the official journey, excluding any subsistence and accommodation entitlements that would be associated with the officially arranged passage.  Terminal travel should be assessed at MMA.

The overall costs that may be claimed under PAP will be capped at the total sum of the flights quote plus the terminal travel quote. This is the sum that should be entered into the authorisation certificate.  

Temporary Exceptional Authority for Travel on Assignment by Road in USA to Include Personnel Assigned to the USA in Support of the UK Carrier Strike Programme/Joint Strike Fighter

UK Carrier Strike Programme and Joint Strike Fighter personnel are to submit applications to USA SpGp HR staff.

Authority (MOD Letter REM 04.06.03 dated 23 Aug 18 by Asst Hd CDP (Remuneration) Allowances) is granted for Service personnel travelling on assignment by road within the USA to claim Motor Mileage Allowance (MMA), Night Subsistence (NS) costs (consisting of overnight accommodation and breakfast) and associated Day Subsistence (DS) costs. This temporary exceptional authority is granted until 31 Aug 2016 and payments for eligible personnel will be back dated to 1 January 2012.

The cost of the journeys to be undertaken is restricted to the most direct road route and only appropriate accommodation and subsistence costs are reclaimed for the designated road journey. In all cases, the mileage and designated route will be assessed by BDS Washington and Service personnel will be permitted to claim the following:

  • Motor Mileage Allowance. MMA at the Overseas MMA rate (USA) for the most direct route between assignment locations for up to a maximum of two vehicles.
  • Night Subsistence. This normally consists of overnight accommodation and breakfast. Entitlement to claim NS will be determined by calculating the distance between duty stations and dividing this by the maximum permitted distance which may be travelled each day.  
  • Day Subsistence. The reimbursement of actual receipted costs up to the DS limit necessarily incurred for food and drink during the day per periods of over five hours’ for each travelling day.

Additional costs incurred as a result of the Service person and family travelling over and above the designated route will be the responsibility of the Service person. 

This extension of the temporary exceptional authority applies only to Service personnel assigned to the USA as part of the UK Carrier Strike programme.  

Dispensation to Claim Exceptional PAP Benefits – USA In-Country Moves (Non UK Carrier Strike/Joint Strike Fighter Personnel)

Service personnel who are not part of the UK Carrier Strike Programme or Joint Strike Fighter, who are undertaking an In-Country move, may wish to apply for a dispensation to claim for exceptional PAP benefits  In the first instance they are encouraged to contact the USA SpGp, prior to submitting written casework to PACCC.  

Queen Mary Policy – BDSUS Directed Letter – 01/18

Although the overarching regulations relating to PAP are contained in JSP 752 a local policy endorsed by Armed Forces Remuneration Allowances has been authorised to allow USA based individuals to claim the transportation costs as set out below for PAP on the Queen Mary.

Financial Limits – PAP must not be used to fund subsistence and must only be used to contribute towards the transportation costs of travel. PAP can be claimed for the Queen Mary (New York to Southampton) up to 32.65% of the ticket price or up to the value of the virgin trooper (Washington Dulles to London Heathrow); whichever is the lower sum.

Claiming – Service personnel and/or immediate family members who wish to undertake a PAP are required to complete an ‘Authority and Entitlement Certificate’ (Annex A for Service personnel and Annex B for immediate family members), which is to be submitted to SO3 J1 at least six weeks in advance of the date when the official journey is required.  

The purpose of this guidance is to provide pertinent information regarding Privately Arranged Passage (PAP) entitlements to Service personnel and dependents in the USA.

Unless an exception exists, this guidance does not supersede policy contained within JSP 752, Chapter 6 Section 6 or related Defence policy.

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