PStat Cat

Declaration of Personal Status Category (PStat Cat)

In order to determine eligibility for expenses, allowances and service accommodation (including any liability for charges) and to ensure that the relevant regulations are properly applied, all Service personnel are to declare their PStat Cat on commissioning, enlistment or recall using JS Form JPA N001. Thereafter the Service person is required to inform their CO (or authorised representative), of any change to their personal circumstances that could affect their PStat Cat. A member of the Services who has remarried or registered a new civil partnership is to declare the PStat Cat appropriate to the current marriage/civil partnership. A change in PStat Cat is effective from the date of the change in circumstances. In considering a change of PStat Cat the CO (or authorised representative) must satisfy themselves that the change of PStat Cat is in accordance with these regulations.

If the date of change in circumstances is in doubt, or the CO (or their authorised representative) is unable to satisfy themselves that the change of PStat Cat has been made in accordance with these regulations then the individual may be directed to submit casework to the Pay and Allowances Casework and Complaints Cell (PACCC).  

This guidance does not supersede policy contained within the JSP and other Defence policies. See JSP 752 Chapter 2, Section 2.  

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2021 @ 11:52 pm

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