The aim of Living Out Supplemented Rates of Local Overseas Allowance (LOSLOA) is to assist eligible Single / Unaccompanied (S/UnAcc) Service personnel assigned overseas to meet the necessary additional costs of food and incidental expenses when they are without easy access to their Unit’s Service messing facilities, or other publicly funded arrangements, but have self catering facilities.

Unless an exception exists, this guidance does not supersede policy contained within JSP 752, Chapter 9 Section 6 or related Defence policy.  

​Periods of Temporary Absence

LOSLOA will continue to be paid throughout periods of annual leave or where Rest and Recuperation has been granted (where applicable). ​

Changes in Personal Circumstances

​Service personnel are to report any change in their circumstances to USA SpGp in order that appropriate administrative action may be taken. Circumstances including, but not limited to, the following are to be reported:

  1. Change in Personal Status Category (PStat Cat).
  2. Change of assignment.


​LOSLOA is payable from the date of occupation of the qualifying accommodation or the first day of duty at a new permanent assignment station, whichever is the later.


LOSLOA is paid through salary with a set rate for all ranks, with personnel notified of any changes through the Embassy communications. 

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