Get You Home (Overseas)

The aim of Get You Home (Overseas) (GYH(O)) is to reduce the separation of eligible personnel from close family, friends and UK lifestyle that results from a permanent overseas assignment.  This is achieved by assisting towards the costs of return journeys to the UK or, in the case of non-British passport holders, to the country of domicile.

Annual Entitlement – Eligible SP and each eligible member of their immediate family are entitled to one return journey for each full 12-month overseas assignment period. Periods of less than 12 months will not qualify for GYH(O).

Leave – A leave application is to be submitted to cover the full period of the Service person’s GYH(O) journey prior to the journey application being made.

Travel Arrangements – Personnel are responsible for their own travel arrangements. Service arranged tickets are not to be issued for GYH(O) journeys.

MOD Flight Allowance – Eligible personnel (SP and entitled family) will be reimbursed for the civil air fares for a standard economy direct return flight to the UK from the local International Airport, up to the published MOD Flight Allowance. This may include reasonable expenditure for incidentals such as luggage, meals & seating charges. Current GHY(O) rates can be found via UK Government Website or MODNET in the current JSP752.

Reimbursement Limits – Terminal Travel. Reimbursement for terminal travel may be made as follows:

  1. Where the terminal travel is made by rail, civil air, bus, coach or taxi, or a combination of any of these forms of transport, the refund of actual terminal travel costs in both the country of embarkation and in the UK will be made within the following reimbursement limits. Reimbursement will be limited to the value of the notional return road journeys between the duty station and the local international airport of embarkation, and between the UK arrival airport and the qualifying address, at the Motor Mileage Allowance (MMA) multiplied by the number of eligible immediate family members travelling. For example, where the SP and 3 eligible immediate family members travel, the terminal travel entitlement will be capped at 4 times the MMA for the notional road return terminal travel at each end of the GYH(O) journey.
  2. Where the terminal travel is made by private vehicle, including a privately hired vehicle, reimbursement will be 1 x MMA (regardless of number of family members travelling) for the actual return journey(s) between the duty station and the local international airport of embarkation, and/or between the UK arrival airport and the qualifying address.

GYH(O) Travel by the Immediate Family Without the SP. There may be occasions when the SP is unable or chooses not to accompany eligible immediate family members to the UK for family or Service reasons. In such circumstances, GYH(O) entitlement may be split over 2 journeys provided the travel is to the same qualifying leave address. However, where this incurs additional terminal travel costs, above those that would have been incurred had the family members travelled together, only one refund of terminal travel costs will be paid.

Carry Forward of GYH(O) Entitlement. In normal circumstances there will be no scope for the carry forward of GYH(O) from one assignment year to the next. Where it is considered that there are exceptional circumstances, a case should be submitted by the affected SP to their relevant Unit HR for onward staffing to the CO.

Method of Application/Claim.  Applications for GYH(O) journeys should be made by the SP using the JPA on-line self-service system (Self-Service Journey Claim). Prior to booking travel or undertaking the journey, SP must apply for the journey authorisation. Once the GYH(O) journey has been made, SP must then submit their JPA Expense claims as per the JPA Self-Service (Guide) using the journey number as their reference.

No JPA Access – For personnel with no JPA access, Personnel are requested to complete the F016A – Get You Home (Overseas) and conduct the below pre-submission checks prior to submitting this via email to

  • All yellow highlighted fields on the form have been completed by the applicant.
  • Appropriate detailed justification has been entered to match each line entry on the form.
  • Leave has been entered via Defence Gateway to cover the period of the allowance that is being claimed for.
  • The reimbursement currency nominated on the F016a matches your nominated JPA expense account (i.e. USD to US bank nomination and GBP to UK bank nomination).
  • Supporting evidential documentation has been attached to the F016a submission email.

Advances – SP eligible to claim GYH(O) may claim an advance of up to 100% of the anticipated GYH(O) entitlement, including terminal travel, for themselves and their accompanying eligible immediate family members up to 90 days prior to travel (Guide). The advance must be cleared by claiming for the GYH(O) journey travel costs on JPA within 31 days of the anticipated return from the period of leave for which the GYH(O) advance was paid.  If not cleared by the Service person within those 31 days, the advance will be recovered from the Service person’s salary.

Claims Prior To Travel for Individual Flight Ticket Values over £1,000. Where the individual value of the Service person’s flight ticket, or the individual value of each flight ticket(s) where more than one immediate family member is travelling, is above £1,000, SP may submit a claim on JPA prior to travel. For those SP with no access to the JPA on-line system, JPA Form F016 is to be completed and passed to Unit HR. SP are required to submit evidence of their travel having been undertaken for their own and their immediate family’s GYH(O) journeys to unit HR following completion of the GYH(O) journeys. Such evidence, which may be boarding passes or other evidence which substantiates the journey having been undertaken, is also to be retained for a minimum of 24 months from the date of completion of the GYH(O) journey and produced for audit as required. Where the total value of the claim is £2,000 or more the claim will be subject to an enhanced audit process.

For further information on Get You Home (Overseas) (GYH(O)), including eligibility criteria, qualifying leave addresses, entitlement and rates, refer to JSP 752, Chapter 9, Section 11.


Last Updated: Oct 25, 2022 @ 2:43 pm

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