Spousal Employment Opportunities

Working at the British Embassy Washington, one of the other offices across the US, or a BDSUS outpost, offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to grow professionally while collaborating with a talented group of individuals. There is a wide range of opportunities including, but certainly not limited to, communications and press, security, administrative, trade & investment, finance, energy, and the residence. All individuals can take advantage of a wide array of learning and development opportunities

The embassy’s employment opportunities page is updated regularly. We encourage you to review current vacancies here and submit an application following the instructions in the advert. Due to the large number of qualified applicants who apply, only those candidates who are selected for further consideration will receive a response. 

The British Embassy US Network is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a diverse workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, veteran status, or other category protected by law.

Eligibility Requirements

As per US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), employers in the US are required to ensure that all employees have the legal right to work in the US. Under US State Department requirements, the embassy and our consulates may only employ, as non-diplomatic staff, persons who are US citizens, US Green Card holders or A visa holders. 


If you hold a visa other than an A visa, you are not currently eligible to work at the embassy or our consulates. The UK Mission to the UN (UKMIS) also accepts G visas, and British Defence Staff (BDS) outposts accept A or NATO visas. All candidates will be subject to background checks and security clearance. 


For couples who rely on two wages this could have significant financial implications and impact on the standard of living you currently enjoy. Although there is some scope for spouses to work, there are hurdles to be overcome. Some UK qualifications are not accepted in the USA and as such spouses seeking employment in medical, accounting or education fields may find that their qualifications are not instantly transferable.  Research this area carefully. 


An Employment Authorization Document (EAD) is required by US law for dependants of personnel to undertake any form of employment (including voluntary work) for the duration of their spouse’s tour in the US.

Interim Personnel Pool (IPP)

The British Embassy in Washington has the unique ability to employ only MOD Dependants (above the age of 18), via the IPP. The IPP enables the British Embassy to employ dependants at extremely short notice for up to a period of 90 days on an “at will” contract. To be added to the email distribution list and to receive information about upcoming positions, please contact the Personnel Support Team via BDSUS-SG-Pers-Team-Mailbox@mod.gov.uk expressing your interest. 

Employment Authorisation Document

                                                                                   PLEASE READ – IMPORTANT NOTICE 

Impact of Economic Impact Payments on Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) Renewals.  During COVID19, the US Federal Government introduced the Economic Impact Payment (EIP) which was applied to all federally taxed employees through the Inland Revenue Service (IRS), including in error all Derivative NATO 2 and A Class Visa holders (those with an EAD).  An EIP is a refundable tax credit which reduces the overall tax liability of the individual. Both Principle and Derivative NATO and A Visa holders are classed as Non-Resident Aliens (NRA), and are therefore not eligible to receive any financial support from the US Government / IRS. Any EIP received by EAD holders should be refunded to the IRS. 

 This has resulted in the Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) placing all EAD renewal application on hold until evidence of the EIP being returned to the IRS has been provided. Unfortunately, the OFM are taking up to 16 weeks to inform individuals of the need to repay any EIP made, resulting in EAD renewals taking up to 6 months to process, which has resulted in forced resignations. You are therefore advised to engage directly with the IRS as soon as reasonably practicable to ascertain if you have received an EIP, and to ensure the EIP is repaid to the IRS prior to submitting an EAD renewal application. The IRS will provide you with a receipt once monies have been repaid, which you will be required to submit with your EAD renewal application. Failure to repay EIPs will result in a significant delay to your EAD renewal application.

 For further information or if you have any questions, please contact SO3 Personnel Services via BDSUS-SG-Pers-Team-Mailbox@mod.gov.uk

BDSUS Employment Authorisation Document (EAD) Process


An Employment Authorization Document (EAD) provides official US authority for dependants of both NATO-2 and Diplomat Accredited (A) Visa holders to legally accept employment within the USA. The USSG provides the policy, on behalf of the US, and administrative guidance and support on the process for applying and renewing EADs.

In accordance with United States Custom and Immigration Service (USCIS) and the Office of Foreign Missions (OFM), an EAD is required to undertake or seek any form of employment within the USA. Dependant employment within the USA is a privilege, and not a right and there is no guarantee that employment authorisation will be granted by the OFM / USCIS. 


Accreditation.  To obtain an EAD all applicants must be accredited by the OFM. You cannot be accredited or apply for an EAD until you are in country and must be 16 years of age at time of application. Accreditation follows 2 different routes depending upon your visa type: 

  • NATO-2 Visas. MOD Dependants holding NATO-2 visas will need to be accredited before proceeding with their EAD application.  Please follow the steps within the EAD Document below.   
  • Diplomat (A) Visas. MOD dependants holding A1 or A2 visas will be accredited upon arrival in the US through the FCDO Protocol Office with the OFM. As soon as this accreditation is complete applications may be submitted for an EAD.

EAD Application. Once accredited, MOD Dependants may apply for their EAD. Applications must be submitted strictly in accordance with the guidance at the bottom of this page 

WARNING.  Failure to complete forms correctly will result in application(s) being returned by the OFM or USCIS. The USSG Documents Spt Off is an expert in processing applications and will be able to advise on the accuracy of an application. This advice should be adhered to.  Pressing on with an application that does not comply with USCIS or OFM requirements will result in the forms being returned and a long delay. The US EAD requirements can change without notice and USSG do not accept liability for changes in forms, photo requirements or regulations. 

Prior to EAD Issuance.   

The Embassy does not recommend securing work in the US prior to receiving an EAD and does not have any control or influence over the issuing of EADs. 

Exceptionally, and in accordance with the OFM Accreditation Handbook, accredited MOD Dependants with valid A-Visas can apply for positions within the British Embassy Washington (BEW), and Miscellaneous Foreign Government Offices (MFGO) on the understanding that they have already applied for an EAD. A full list of MFGO locations can be found on the BDSUS Information Portal here. 

Receipt of EAD. Upon receipt of the EAD, MOD Dependants are free to seek employment in any of the following fields:  

  • Voluntary work. 
  • Working remotely for a company outside the US (Amazon UK for example). 
  • Self Employed. 
  • Employed by a US entity. 

Renewals. Individuals can renew their EAD 12 weeks prior to expiration. To mitigate against your EAD expiring, please start the renewal process at least 15 weeks prior to the expiry of your EAD. Details on the renewal process can be found within the EAD Guidance document at the bottom of this page. 

Once submitted to the OFM, EAD applications can take up to 12 weeks to be processed by the OFM and USCIS respectively.  

Tax.  All IRS / Tax related matters are a personal matter, and as such the Personnel Support Team is unable to provide individual tax advice in relation to Tax Returns. It is recommended that individuals consult directly with a Tax Attorney for accurate advice.  

Mailing of Completed Applications. It is recommended that completed applications are sent by recorded mail/courier, and must be sent in original hard copy to the following address for endorsement: 

Passport, Visa and EAD Officer 
British Embassy  
3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW 
Washington, DC  

Return of EADs.  Approved EADs are mailed to the Embassy, who will then notify you and request a forwarding address. Your EAD will then be sent via UPS 2 Day, Air Signed For. 

Children of Service Personnel (SP).  If you are applying for a EAD for your Child who is above the age of 16, and residing in the USA, once they become employed, you will not be entitled to the Child element of Living Overseas Allowance (LOA).  SP are mandated to inform the Personnel Support Team once your child becomes employed in order to amend your LOA. 

Click here for EAD Document

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