Welcome to the British Defence Staff United States Information Portal. Moving to the USA is an exciting and challenging time and this site is provided to offer advice and guidance to UK military, MOD civilians and their families, that are assigned to or currently living in the US.

You will find advice on a range of topics from arrival procedure to medical support, and family specific guidance on schooling. You will find life quite different here and while the British Defence Staff Support Group are here to help you make the transition, you are encouraged to take responsibility for your welfare and comfort, just as you would in the UK.

There is a lot of detail in this site. Our advice is to not to attempt to take it all in at once, but to come back when you have questions. Use the search facility to locate topics of interest when you need them. Please contact us using the links on the relevant pages if you cannot find an answer about a specific concern.


Mandatory of Personal JPA Data Related to New Accommodation Offer

Please see the attached DIN, providing guidance on how to ensure your personal JPA data is up to date.

This covers PSTAT, LTR Status, Children with visitation nights over 80 and children’s personal details.

This is action is mandatory for all military personnel and must be completed by COP 12 Apr 2024.

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